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End of the legend.
Famed Arecibo Telescope, On the Brink of Collapse, Will Be Dismantled - Slashdot

I created new project. Python module "templated-dictionary". It is a dictionary with Jinja2 expansion. It is spin off of code which have lived in Mock code base. And now I made it as separate project. It is on PyPI and package review for Fedora has been submitted.

#Netherlands has decided - no sales or use of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. It typically causes 1300 accidents that need hospital treatment and due to #covid19 hospitals should not be bothered with those avoidable cases. Good decision IMHO.

Worth reading if you've ever thought for a second that #Apple is a privacy-respecting company:

OK, any suggestions how to best store my 100,000 photos now? Because I'd like to have them all in one place.
#google #internet
Google Photos will end its free unlimited storage on June 1st, 2021

Nothing uploaded before then will count, but it’s still a bummer.

My analysis of the Parliament's position on the #DigitalServicesAct, namely in the following aspects: decision on illegality, notice and action and safeguards against abuse, counter-notices, dispute settlement, transparency, interoperability, and more:

Watching a recording of theatre play of MDB and found this two years old gem

Přijďte s námi oslavit vydání Fedory 33 na virtuální release party, která proběhne v rámci @openalt Zúčastnit se může každý z pohodlí svého domova. 😉


Celé vlákno, dost neuvěřitelné. - je toto v US či TX téma?


Slajdy a videa pro jsem právě dokončil. Budu se na vás těšit příští víkend.

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