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Does anyone know any devs or have other influential contacts at @SlackHQ? Going through all the channels I have isn't helping. (Slack: you're under no obligation to support our OS. But please stop telling users to "upgrade" to some other distro? That's... petty at best?)

Dear lazyweb, I need to create a webpage which displays the latest updates from RSS of our town hall and periodically refreshes. The page should look nice and friendly. I.e. the RSS items should be placed in some customized template. Before I start coding - does something like this exists? My searching-fu is failing.


Tohle taky uzrálo pěkně 🙂

Nějaký čas už přemýšlím povědět něco o systémech řídících provoz tramvají a autobusů DPP. Je to velmi citlivé téma a dotýká se ho i aktuální kauza.

Tak tady to máte, co jste chtěli vědět o řídících systémech povrchové dopravy a báli jste se zeptat. 🧵


Všimli jste si, že nám opět narůstá ? Vždy po víkendu skokově naroste o 50 % více případů. Naštěstí neroste hospitalizace. Ale pokud jste někdo odkládal očkování až na podzim, tak je už čas.

'I am very happy to announce that Red Hat has just hired Lukas Tyrychtr, who is a blind software engineer, to lead our effort in making sure Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Workstation has excellent accessibility support!'

I joined Red Hat in 2018.

When the news about IBM acquisition came, the first thought I had was - oh no, have I just joined to see how it ends?

It didn't end though :)

It is been almost 4 years now, there were and are ups and downs, problems and achievements... But one thing remains - it feels great to work in a company which supports its employees through floods and fires, wars and plagues, crazy politics and personal health, and even all that combined.

And I feel lucky to work here.

Does anyone in my circles know anyone working for the IT of Lego?

I just received Malware to an Email address I only ever used to login to the Lego shop. The sender of the malware tried to fake a sender (not really well).

I never used the email address for anything else, so this lets me believe the colleagues at Lego may have had a data leak.

Enter the second factor to concat with the VPN password.

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Unlock Bitwarden to get a second factor to the VPN password.

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My daily password routine: unlock the screen of the notebook.

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