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It'd be extra exciting if this header image had the old logo above the tear and the new one below. Oh well. :) via @TechRepublic

This is war: Dropping mini bombs from a drone directly on the heads of soldiers. Sensitive video.

Great news #Fediverse it is Official. The #EU #EuropeanCommission just launched two servers 🚀

Welcome to #EUVoice mastodon and #EUVideo peertube 🎉

So say hi to 👋

Love #FOSS with @EC_OSPO 💘

Stay in the loop with @EC_DIGIT

Help make things fundamentally right with @FRA ☀️

Regain balance with @Curia ⚖️

Protect that data with @EDPS 🔐

Let's go global with @CDT 🌐

Get us heard at @ombudsman 📣

Watch and boost from:

And explore:

[RT @elonmusk]
Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in

Billionaires are a "Code Smell" for economic systems.

If you're generating them, its a sign that something has gone deeply wrong in your architecture that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Argparse-manpage is a small @Python library to convert the output of `--help` to a man page. And we have released a new version of it:

This is amazing!

“Twitter locked down its source code to prevent unauthorized changes, sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. The reports say that this change was made to prevent employees from ‘going rogue’ and sabotaging the platform after Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of the company. Currently, a vice president must approve any changes.”

In the next few month we will invest significantly into Nextcloud Social to make it a full member of the decentralised Mastodon open source fediverse using open standards like ActivityPub. #Twitter #ElonMusk Who wants to help and contribute?

Report of the day: Dandelions have bloomed. Yesterday there was not a single flower in the garden and today there are hundreds of them.

I finished the font! You can download it on OpenGameArt for use in your own projects:

In addition to just looking cool (because Textura is always cool), it can optionally (and if your art program supports it) automatically apply a bunch of abbreviations and variants to make Latin text look more authentic.

#pixelArt #fontForge #font

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It is again the time of the year to remove dust from this special printer.

Meta is dead -- and it's time to bury it 💀 ⚰️

You might ask, "How can this be? Meta still makes billions!"

Nonetheless, it's dead and I have research to back that up! Read on for my post-mortem. 🧵

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