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Every other web developer: Chrome is amazing let's make it the 90% marketshare browser.

Google: now we control you.


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I'm "still afraid to use spaces in file names" years old

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🔥 @RedHat Enterprise 8.5 is here. Gain access to 17, 6, rootless overlay support in , enhanced application streams, and more with 8.5. Check it out.

Supply Chain Security and Tar one tarball. Two different outputs when unpacked by different implementations.

We rebuilt all gems from as RPM packages. Jakub shared the details and lessons we learned during the process

On #CentOS Stream again:

"CentOS Stream is not stable enough for my production so I am going to stick to CentOS+EPEL"

Folks, if you consider EPEL to be stable enough for your production use, CentOS Stream vs CentOS Linux stability shouldn't really bother you.

And there is nothing bad about it. Especially if you have some basic testing practices incorporated in your production deployments.

Playing with during . It looks like Prezi. But the UX is more smooth and better to use. And is more like a mind map - the presentation part is only a side effect. And unlike Prezi works in FF.

"Důkazy u soudů se stále ještě předkládají v listiné podobě. I z IT oblasti." Radek Beneš na

Naše slajdy z dnešní přednášky Ale největší přínos je demo na konci a to bude až v záznamech, které budou později.

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Ever wondered what's eating up the space inside your containers? Now you can take a look into their guts using a tool that I wrote:
Powered by @Podman_io and

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Getting real tired of hearing that CentOS Stream isn't a replacement for CentOS. That's like saying RHEL 8.5 isn't a replacement for RHEL 8.4.

Sure, some people need to pin to a minor version for $reasons, but most people don't and for them it's a perfectly fine replacement.

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Tuto sobotu v 9 ráno budu na @OpenAlt přednášet o tom, jak se daří provozovat v jednom člověku jako „otevřený startup”, tzn. kód na GitHubu 🔬, veřejné finance 💰, veřejná čísla návštěvnosti 📊, poznámky na blogu 📝 Připojte se!​

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Congrats to the full @RedHat team on a strong quarter! Here are Red Hat-related highlights I caught in @IBM's earnings last night. 🧵👇

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I'll add that trying out a RHEL Beta is easier than ever - we made it super simple for anyone with any valid subscription ($0 Developer subscriptions included) to try out Betas. Check it out -

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Enterprise 9 Beta is now available, and delivers exciting new features and many more improvements! Dive into what's new and notable:

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