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"(...) every instance of Kaspersky Password Manager in the world will generate the exact same password at a given second (...)"


oh oh oh I've got one

Github Copilot is pronounced "Copy-lot"

[RT @MalwareJake]
If @GitHub (Microsoft) truly believes copilot isn't infringing on anyone's work, I want to offer them a chance to prove it: I'll donate $50k to a charity of their choice (or @EFF if we can't agree) if they release a Copilot version trained solely on Windows kernel source. 1/

"Mezitím se v okolí rychle rozkřikne, že jsme v obci jediná budova s elektrikou a začínají se k nám trousit zájemci o nabití mobilů."

Jak tornádo na Moravě poničilo datacentrum DataSpring a co se dělo pak -

Thank you, for all you’ve done for Red Hat, Open Source and IBM. And you know, there’s always a cold beer for you in Munich :) (March, 2019, when Jim joined the new hire orientation session in the ⁦⁩ Munich office)

Microsoft’s new mandatory TPM 2.0 hardware requirement for Windows 11
So, why do I suddenly need a TPM 2.0 device on my machine, then you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple. It’s not about you; it’s about them.

[RT @justinrwlynn]
GitHub seems to have unironically invented Open Source Code Copyright Laundering as a Service. Great. >_>

Stav na Hodonínsku od člověka, co tam včera strávil celý den (ne já): na brigádničení tam už není prostor, stejně jako už nestojí o materiální pomoc. Jediné co tam budou v horizontu pár měsíců opravdu potřebovat, jsou prachy a střechaři.

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In case folks missed it, the @CentOS Hyperscale SIG released an experimental Workstation (GNOME) spin powered by 8:

And yes, it uses @btrfs 🧈 by default! 😉

BlueJeans automatically transcripts our meetings. Albeit it transcripts it from English why we speak (sometimes) Czech. I love it: "When you smile, asking sensation is still above it all. Woody Allen // He says and I quote, I'm also part of the new coach to at the new kitchen. I was a vegetarian. We took some "

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