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Today, someone called me and tried to take over my computer using social engineering. Someone English speaking with an Indian accent. He failed because he thought that I have a computer with Microsoft Windows. :)

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SUSE prepares for multi-billion Euro IPO via @ZDNet & @sjvn EQT will reap a very nice profit from @SUSE's if all goes according to plan.

If I need to pay to get access to a standard and if I need to pay to *use* what is defined in the standard (licenses, patent royalties) then it is a product that is been sold to me, not a standard. Standards should create a level playing field, not an eclusive club IMHO. 2/2

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V posledním článku od jsem se dočetl, že přestali třídit v Amsterdamu plasty a kartony ( Ne však proto, že by rezignovali na třídění odpadu, ale rozběhli strojovou třidičku, která je účinnější než lidi. Už jsem o tom kdysi četl, chtěl jsem update


Awesome tool to visualize dependencies as a map. Taking the size of the package into consideration.

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Actually, ISO is funded by member government standards organizations, which means their work should be in the public domain. Or in other words, my tax dollars literally pay your salary, so make the standards public.

Good point. We rely on standards which most of us cannot read. So most of us actually rely on interpretations by random third parties.


I agree, but could somebody link me to the official ISO-8601 date format reference? (not to Wikipedia or PDFs behind a paywall)


Well, that experiment worked (I asked someone to report it). I can't get reinstated without deleting the offending tweet, but I think I won't.

Miro Hrončok je dnes asi nejvýraznějším českým přispěvatelem do Fedory. Přečtěte v dalším díle obnoveného seriálu, jak ji používá.

"This burger restaurant in Toronto named their burgers after office supplies so you can charge them as expenses"

My code runs on atomic submarines and aircraft (likely) but I achieved a new level - I fixed the leaking Geberit toilet flush yesterday. I am king! King of real plumbers. :)

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Vždyť je to jen půl roku, tedy, jak slíbil ministr Brabec, “otázka hodin”.

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Wir danken unseren deutschen Freunden und entschuldigen uns für unsere inkompetente Regierung. Vielen dank!

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