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New release. Now with External BuildRequires - allowing BuildRequires: external:pypi:foo See release notes

I have a gaming mouse. Because it is ergonomic and heavy. It has about 7 buttons. I never cared about them. But today I learned I can configure them even on Linux using "piper". Available in Fedora's repo.

Pro tip: do you want to know whether you are loud or silent at online meetings? Try online mic test:

My first update of BIOS using LVFS. Ever! It was surprisingly long - several minutes. But one UX issue it was flawless and easy.

RT @FelicityMorse
What you need right now is an incredibly talented woman in a fantastic dress playing jazz on the bagpipes, you do

Fancy, finally an alternative to Let's encrypt!

It's always good to have alternatives around. ZeroSSL appears to be a European company that now provides free TLS certificates using the ACME protocol.

#TLS #SSL #CA #infosec #letsencrypt

💉 Přehled brzy dostupných vakcín:
🔵 Pfizer/BioNTech: ~95% účin., ~450 Kč/dávka (x2 po 28 dnech), technologie: mRNA
🟢 Moderna: ~95% účin., ~550 Kč/dávka (x2 po 28 d), tech.: mRNA
🟡 Oxford/AstraZeneca: 60-90% účin., ~100 Kč/dávka (x2 po 28 d), tech.: nereplikační virový vektor


Být žena, tak si kupuji vložky do zásoby. --- Schillerová má podle Babiše řešit menstruační potřeby zdarma.

I would like to introduce you fine people to The 512KB Club. #512Club

series won the Emmy award for Short-form series. Congrats.

End of the legend.
Famed Arecibo Telescope, On the Brink of Collapse, Will Be Dismantled - Slashdot

I created new project. Python module "templated-dictionary". It is a dictionary with Jinja2 expansion. It is spin off of code which have lived in Mock code base. And now I made it as separate project. It is on PyPI and package review for Fedora has been submitted.

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