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US President Donald Trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses November's election. This is strong.

I was not happy with Dropbox for long time. I never had time to do NextCloud installation. Recently, I discovered and today I migrated there. They have variety of price plans - so I can pay reasonable price for whole family. The have Linux and Android client. It does what I need - file syncing. And not too much other fancy stuff. Two GB for free. 10 GB for 5 dollars per year. With this link you get additional 500 MB for free. And me too.


1. Nainstalujte 3 lidem ve svém okolí app eRouška.

Nehrozí žádné zneužití dat, sdílení dat, eRouška je zcela bezpečná a funkční.

2. Retweetněte.

😉Pokud nedáte retweet do 3 dnů, čeká vás 6 měsíců neštěstí.#řetěz😉



Nová eRouška pro Android/iOS je venku! Používá Apple/Google protokol a umožňuje včas a anonymně upozornit uživatele na rizikové setkání s nakaženým.
Maximálně přitom chrání vaše soukromí. Stáhněte si eRoušku ještě dnes a pomozte zastavit COVID-19:


I opened `about:robots` in my Firefox and I clicked the button. And again. :)

Do you wonder why your workstation is soooo lazy? Run `lscpu |grep Vulnerability`. That is why. And the solution is NOT disabling those mitigation. The solution is to ask for fixed CPU. And yeah, that is hard. So in the mean time - just buy new machines with AMD CPU which has much less issues than Intel.


Může tak nudná věc, jako je test kurzů platebních karet, přinést nějaké vzrůšo? Ano, když na stejném místě potkáte zmateně pobíhající cizince, kterým právě ujel tankující :-)


I see around ten theatre plays each year. I just returned from the Last Ship (Poslední loď) played by The perfomance which should be visited by Sting himself. It was not possible at the end due Covid19. He sent a video note instead, which was played at the begging of the performance. It was nice. And the play excellent. I know what I will be replaying in upcoming days:

Linux Weekly News subscription giveaway 

@fedora please reply, publicly or privately, stating your interest in Linux and free software, and that you're not eligible for a group subscription to LWN (and $75 per year is too much), and I'll pick a recipient this weekend.

I will follow up after a few months and if it works out well, I might do another round.

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Vinyl is more retro than CD. "Vinyl-Record Sales Top Compact Discs for First Time in 34 Years"

Praha má 13 stožárů veřejného osvětlení připravených na nabíjení elektromobilů; může jich být až 6000 | Tohle je budoucnost elektromobility pro lidi v panelácích bez garáže.

I wonder how people work with calendars nowadays. Using just a web app, or a desktop app (too), or web with some desktop integration (tray icon, system calendar view..., but not standard browser stuff like notifications)?
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My personal story, as a #Facebook employee, of the why and how to move away from our apps. With a plug for #Netflix's excellent, recently-released The Social Dilemma documentary.



Lukashenko ordered all red and white (pro-democracy) Belarus flags removed from buildings. So the people are making do... ht


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