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"Veletrhy Brno jsou na pokraji krachu" -
Každý rok máme v Brně m.j. dvě velké konference (OpenAlt a DevConf). U obou se dosahuje limitů. Přitom BVV by mohla být zajímavá alternativa. Jenže za pronájem chtějí třikrát více než univerzita. Kdyby někdo z BVV měl zájem o sto táců za tři dny tak se klidně ozvěte.

This feels satisfying after all the work. #Lenovo sells laptops with #Fedora on their website. \o/
And as a bonus Fedora contributors get a sizable discount!

Yes, Fedilab has also 7 days to bring changes without knowing what exactly.

Technical debt strikes Voyager2 -- When Voyager 2 Calls Home, Earth Soon Won't Be Able to Answer (for next 11 months)

Red Hat Bringing Multipath TCP To RHEL 8.3 As A Tech Preview I totally missed that MTCP was merged to upstream kernel in July. This is awesome!

New programming language to easy the learn curve of Python. It has 13 levels and each of them add more and more complexity until it reach subset of Python. (via

I was counting days till somebody flips the #Apple #1984 #commercial against them. Fascinating to see how Apple created the exact unified boring grey army of blind followers of monopolistic corporation they contrasted themselves with just 3 decades ago...

We have new tool `createrepo_mod` which creates module from directory of rpms. This is temporary hosted in modulemd-tools until this is merged to createrepo_c.


This is one of those counter-intuitive facts of life.

"I hardly ever print anything, why would I need a laser printer?"

Precisely because you hardly print anything.


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