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If I ever move to the US, I will definitely bring a bunch of UTE-type power outlets and hook them up to a proper voltage of 208/240 V even in America!
Great video by

Velká poklona: Česká hudební akademie uvedla do Síně slávy Cen Anděl publicistu a kritika Jiřího Černého. Je to poprvé, kdy kategorii ovládl nehudebník. Černý vydal první hudební recenzi v roce 1956. (ČT24) Více o něm v loňském rozhovoru.

Runtime dependencies between repositories We prototype this in , gather feedback and then this may get into classic /#dnf stack.

I forced an AI to read the x86 reference manual alongside 1000 programs to produce a program on its own. This is the result.

$ ./a.out
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Oh no I just broke my phone from hitting the like button so hard…

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LEGO Idea: Outer Solar System Explorers @NASAJuno @NewHorizons2015 @CassiniSaturn @NASAVoyager #Pioneer #Galileo

New version of has been released. Mostly bugfixes for bootstrap. Including addressed issue from Koji guys, so Koji should be able to use Mock's bootstrap feature soon.

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