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for myself: I have set up letsencrypt for my personal Zimbra mail server and I found this script extremely useful

Disney+ streaming uses draconian DRM, avoid

First of all, as always my opinions are my own, not those of my employer. Since I have 2 children I was happy to learn that the Netherlands would be one of the first countries to get Disney+ streaming. So I subscribed for the testing period, problem all devices in my home run Fedora. I started up…

Finally I found the answer about lifetime: Q: How many streams will there be? Will there be a stream for 8 and
another for 9?
A: When the development for RHEL 9 begins, the stream for 8 will end. We
plan to have a one-year overlap, to allow for transition from one stream
to the other. But we do not intend to keep the 8 Stream going for the
entirety of the RHEL 8 support window.

Konference #OpenAlt 2019 už má program.

Dejte nám vědět na co se těšíte nejvíc. Registrujte se, ať vám neunikne žádná důležitá informace.

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