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I have released new version of Mock. The list of features is quite long this time: support for Fedora Toolbox, mockchain has been replaced by `mock --chain`; Dynamic Build Requires are enabled by default and loop more than once if needed... and much more.

Boom “Chris Ferris, IBM’s CTO for Open Technologies: IBM has chosen to adopt the same policy towards contributing to #opensource on one’s own time as [Red Hat]. This is one important way that the Red Hat culture has benefited IBM developers.“

Iceland has lost its first glacier to rising temperatures. Now, scientists from Rice University and Iceland are planning to install a plaque near the sad pile of ice and snow formerly known as Ok Glacier.

"Kazakhstan greatest country in the world!"
#nerdy #internet #WTF
1567114 - MITM on all HTTPS traffic in Kazakhstan

Anyone knows a better way to deal with a GPL violation (of Linux kernel) by Dell than going full Patrick McHardy on them? Maybe someone has friends at Dell?
(please share)

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