Do you want to help with a Mars mission? You can. Annotate a Mars terrain: what is a soil, rock or sand.

A Massive Star Has Seemingly Vanished from Space With No Explanation - Slashdot

@marcel_kolaja in AI the source code is nothing without a training set. The same code with different training set can or cannot do a harm.

Who should be liable for damage caused by Artificial Intelligence? That is one of the topics I am working on. Due to the complexity of AI, transparency, explainability, and traceability is essential for fair allocation of responsibilities.

A virtual server with 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 25 GB SSD storage for €1 / month, if you don't mind it being #IPv6only. Interesting offer from!

If I ever move to the US, I will definitely bring a bunch of UTE-type power outlets and hook them up to a proper voltage of 208/240 V even in America!
Great video by

Velká poklona: Česká hudební akademie uvedla do Síně slávy Cen Anděl publicistu a kritika Jiřího Černého. Je to poprvé, kdy kategorii ovládl nehudebník. Černý vydal první hudební recenzi v roce 1956. (ČT24) Více o něm v loňském rozhovoru.

@jwildeboer Actually not about African history, but fits into BLM, and "master vs. main in git" context.

@jwildeboer yesterday, I spent some time checking etymology of word slave. It is surprising reading.

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