And the tickets are gone. Within 36 hours. Wow!

The schedule of is live! While the entry is free, you have to register to get ticket. Last year the tickets disappeared very quickly!

Today, I took a deep breath and ... removed the python2 support from Mock code. It is time to move.

A.I. cannot reasoning its decision. Therefore we should call it Artificial Intuition. From the Wikipedia: Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.

Biggest event of 2019 in Linux world? IMO it is maturity of fwupd. You can see the supported vendors at and recently all certified Chromebooks vendors has to support LVFS. I am very proud that via Richard H. kickstarted this.

This is small announcement, but there is a lot of work behind. Basically: We can add any architecture to now! We start with just few chroots to see how Copr will cope with that. I expect to add more later. .

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