@fuxoft Buy 4K monitor, zoom-in, take screenshot. Enjoy miroslav.suchy.cz/tmp/Screensh This is missing few pixels at the top though. Take it or leave it.

RT @ESO@twitter.com
This map of the world shows the paths of all total solar eclipses for 2019–2040, including the 2 July 2019 eclipse that passes over @ESO@twitter.com 's La Silla Observatory in Chile #LaSillaTSE Credit: T. Matsopulos / @NASA@twitter.com socsi.in/VhCkz

Today in front of our house - carpenter bee - 3cm big bee. iirc biggest bee ever.

OUYA is shutting down bit.ly/31aUwav This is sad, but great example of fail. I funded them on Kickstarter they gathered a lot of money and delivered nice piece of HW and instead of delivering general Android and open the platform to everybody, they decide to have their own market (so no one steal our success and we get more money). Nice idea, but it hardly ever works. You do not work with no one, no one works with you. It's that simple. And you will fall in oblivions.

Should I buy the trailer? I think it is good fit to my Kaipan.

Oh, shit, git! - A collection of "I did something wrong in Git and how to fix it"

#nerdy #programming

Petr me poprosil at napisu o novem RHELu. Tady to je:
RHEL 8: novinky v distribuci, která prostě funguje - Root.cz

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