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Take 2 minutes to learn why you should choose @openshift for . Learn more:​

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There’s a lot to learn about Universal Base Images (UBI). The new ebook shows you everything you need to know about Red Hat’s freely redistributable -based images. Check it out:

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Everything You Need to Know About Moving from Docker in RHEL 7 to Podman in RHEL 8

I spent the past few days with DNSSEC and DNS records. I treat DNSSEC as standard. Most of my personal domains have DNSSEC. websites have DNSSEC. But most enterprise companies do not have it: , , , ... :(

Biggest event of 2019 in Linux world? IMO it is maturity of fwupd. You can see the supported vendors at and recently all certified Chromebooks vendors has to support LVFS. I am very proud that via Richard H. kickstarted this.

Petr me poprosil at napisu o novem RHELu. Tady to je:
RHEL 8: novinky v distribuci, která prostě funguje -


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