New release of rpm-software-management.github few changes related to Tar and new behavior of rpmbuild. And lots of new configurations for chroots.

Pavel R. just has released a new version of rpm-software-management.github We bumped a major number, because there we bumped runtime requirements. And there is a new command-line option `--list-chroots` For full info see the release notes.

We released 2.16. It has breaking changes for epel-8-* configs. Here are the release notes with all details rpm-software-management.github

Pavel released a new version of . Bugfixes and two minor features. rpm-software-management.github And we have moved the wiki to GH pages.

The new version of is here: Mostly bugfixes, but a lot of news in configs: Rocky Linux and CentOS Stream 9 added.

New release. Now with External BuildRequires - allowing BuildRequires: external:pypi:foo See release notes

New release. So can build BTRFS images. And new config option to control modules. For full info see:

New version of has been released. Mostly bugfixes for bootstrap. Including addressed issue from Koji guys, so Koji should be able to use Mock's bootstrap feature soon.

I have released mock-core-configs-31.5-1 It contains Centos Stream, Amazon Linux 2 and PowerTools repo for Centos 8 is enabled by default.

I have released new mock-core-configs with epel-8-* configs which points to CentOS 8 plus EPEL.

Mock - new release is here - now supports subscription-manager and can build for RHEL8 with cost-free developer subscription!

I released new Mock 1.4.15 It is mostly bug fix release. There is one big feature: Dynamic Build Requires (thanks to @ignatenkobrain ) - but you have to wait till RPM guys will merge their bits.


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