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The Docker package has been removed from 31. It has been replaced by the upstream package moby-engine, which includes the Docker CLI as well as the Docker Engine. However, we recommend instead that you use `podman`, which is a Cgroups v2-compatible container engine whose CLI is compatible with Docker's. Fedora 31 uses Cgroups v2 by default.

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I have released mock-core-configs-31.5-1 It contains Centos Stream, Amazon Linux 2 and PowerTools repo for Centos 8 is enabled by default.

I have released new mock-core-configs with epel-8-* configs which points to CentOS 8 plus EPEL.

After two years of silence I have released new version of rpmconf It actually surprised me that this year it is 10 years anniversary since I wrote this tool.

Mock - new release is here - now supports subscription-manager and can build for RHEL8 with cost-free developer subscription!

I have released new version of Mock. The list of features is quite long this time: support for Fedora Toolbox, mockchain has been replaced by `mock --chain`; Dynamic Build Requires are enabled by default and loop more than once if needed... and much more.

I released new Mock 1.4.15 It is mostly bug fix release. There is one big feature: Dynamic Build Requires (thanks to @ignatenkobrain ) - but you have to wait till RPM guys will merge their bits.

I have released new version of Mock. Biggest changes: you can use Jinja2 templates in configs and Fedora configs now use modular repos as well -


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