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Still running Linux 32? It reached end-of-life today. Now is a great time to upgrade to 33 or 34! t.co/Tef8exZEZg

I upgraded to 34. While still in development and not even in the beta phase, the upgrade has the least dependency conflicts for a long long time.

I spent the past few days with DNSSEC and DNS records. I treat DNSSEC as standard. Most of my personal domains have DNSSEC. websites have DNSSEC. But most enterprise companies do not have it: , , , ... :(

New release. So can build BTRFS images. And new config option to control modules. For full info see: github.com/rpm-software-manage

New version of has been released. github.com/rpm-software-manage Mostly bugfixes for bootstrap. Including addressed issue from Koji guys, so Koji should be able to use Mock's bootstrap feature soon.

In few hours you can upgrade to 32. Reminder - beside the official upgrade method, you can use the fedora-upgrade(8) tool.

Today, I took a deep breath and ... removed the python2 support from Mock code. It is time to move.

This is small announcement, but there is a lot of work behind. lists.fedoraproject.org/archiv Basically: We can add any architecture to now! We start with just few chroots to see how Copr will cope with that. I expect to add more later. .

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