We upgraded servers. Read the highlights docs.pagure.org/copr.copr/rele The biggest change is the support of Kerberos (we will write more about it soon) and better throughput (useful for large projects).

We have deployed a new version of . Here are the changes docs.pagure.org/copr.copr/rele Biggest change is that we sign C9S (Centos 9 Stream] using SHA256. Which makes C9S usable (again).

is under huge load (thx python guys). I love these moments because bottlenecks and corner cases pop up.

New release is here: docs.pagure.org/copr.copr/rele Users can disable appstream metadata; improved API; pruning PR dirs.

Highlights from the latest update: fedora-review integration and machine readable output. docs.pagure.org/copr.copr/rele

Yes!, the new release has been deployed. Changes: docs.pagure.org/copr.copr/rele -- this includes an option to run fedora-review automatically after each build.

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