is under huge load (thx python guys). I love these moments because bottlenecks and corner cases pop up.

I am old. Ten years ago I planted a tree and today I climbed this tree to harvest the sour cherries. And I did not break a single branch!

Awesome tool to visualize dependencies as a map. Taking the size of the package into consideration.

Students in CZ voted Red Hat as 5th best employer in IT. 👏

My daughter (13y) wanted a LED stripe for Christmas. Instead of something ready4use, I bought her NEOpixel stripe. Gave her Micro:bit and a few wires. She did some coding in Scratch when she was 8y but then had a long pause. I explained to her where each wire should go and guide her to the first light on. Today, it is her second day in a row she is playing with colors, buttons, linear potentiometer, etc. I am SOOO proud.

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