I spent the last 30 minutes trying to join meeting using MS Teams native application. No way to get past the fucking MS id. Grrr. At least the web version work. But only in Chrome. People - do not use MS Teams!

@sesivany The problem is not to start the application. But once you open the application (be it native of Flatpak one) you cannot find the meeting you should attend - because it is from a different organization. And there is no way to enter something like a meeting id. And it is not visible from the link in the email. /1

@sesivany And if you try to create a personal account, it will just block you from MS Teams and tells you "go away, Skype is for you mortal human". But I see no way how to connect Skype to MS Teams meeting. This is a doomed land and I want to run away always when someone invites me to MS Teams meeting. /2

@mirek Exactly. I decided to install Jitsi and Matrix on my server. Then I get my colleagues to use it. I also decided to leave Whatsapp and Facebook with the last message - how to contact me - if someone really wants to. And, of course, I will keep the FB account, just to able to send commercials - which it is all about :-)

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