If you haven’t yet, check out our hosted Image Builder utility! It allows you to create standardized Red Hat Enteprise #Linux systems with an interface or even an API! red.ht/3P99PZf #rhel #sysadmin

New project from - differential shell check github.com/redhat-plumbers-in- - basically linter for shell scripts in PR. You can see an example of such PR where was an issue and later fixed github.com/jamacku/differentia

Recently, in , we hit an issue about SHA1 signatures in - Pavel wrote it down redhat.com/en/blog/rhel-securi

If you still sign packages using SHA1, you should read it.

New release of rpm-software-management.github few changes related to Tar and new behavior of rpmbuild. And lots of new configurations for chroots.

Feels like a good time to post this article again:

You can use packaged versions of Python and Ruby libraries for RHEL 9/CentOS Stream 9/Alma Linux 9


It doesn't solve the problem of dependency maintenance on its own, but it enables you to use RPM tooling to manage it.

RT @tlpavlich
I got this minifig with a wheelchair and I was so excited like "ooh look at this representation" but turns out it's also a representation of accessibility issues bc the wheelchair doesn't fit through the door frames.

Today, we held a workshop for CzechITas Summer Camp in 18 teenagers made their very first pull request. In real GitHub project. It has been a good day.

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