Huge Fines and a Ban on Default Passwords in New UK Law - Slashdot

Every device should has unique password and user should be inform how long the device will receive security updates.

Can we have it to? Cc @marcel_kolaja

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I’m hiring again, this time in the CZ. Red Hat is a great place to work. Global and remote applicants are welcome, and relocation is a possibility. Underrepresented minorities are highly encouraged to apply. Reach out if interested!

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Hele, tak když současná ani nová vláda covid plán nemá, řeknu vám svůj.
1. Neočkovaní o 2 procentní body vyšší zdravotní pojištění. Třídávkové očkovací schéma.
2. Navýšení kapacit a podstatné zrychlení testování a trasování.
To je vše. Vysvětlení ještě v následujících tweetech:

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I'm pretty excited about this. Former Amazon Linux was a pretty-far-downstream thing; this will make direct collaboration a lot easier, making Fedora better for everyone!


It needs some tuning, but the IPv6-only subnet is indeed a thing on AWS now (tested on a t3.micro).

(You need to manage your own NAT64 gateway to get to the outer world.)


Covid-19 seems to like when the humidity drops:

thread a data:

"hanging wet towels can provide massive, immediate relief to your mucosal microbiome at almost no cost."

A tale 1/2:

/bin/true in XENIX (and probably elsewhere) is probably the shortest UNIX program.
It is 0 bytes long. Zero.

On a GNU/Linux system, /bin/true is a dynamically linked binary, implemented in C, linked to libc, calling 13 different system calls, consuming three times as much memory as the whole XENIX system.

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CZ comics font 🤍 yes please!

Thank you @mhotovec & @signalizer (vlákno)
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Když by se Word měl učit v češtině a Excel v matice, tak mě napadlo, proč by se nedala nějak zatraktivnit i hudební výchova 🎵, která je jinak pro mnoho dětí zcela nezajímavá ("malovali jsme dnes nějaké kuličky na drátkách, mami, opruz...").

Takže jsem hledal.

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“Transgender people are some of the bravest Americans I know. But no person should have to be brave just to live in safety and dignity," Biden said.

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Satellite 6.10 is now GA! Improving the connected experience and making Satellite more secure are just a few of the 6.10 enhancements. Find out what else is new -

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🇬🇧 - English course survey!
🤔 We're wondering whether there are ladies who'd like to attend our Python course for beginners in Brno in English.
Are you one of them? Let us know! 🤓

The renders do not look good, but the photo from the testing installation is awesome. for future me

Spinlaunch - new way to get cargo to orbit. Cargo only because of 10k G!

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