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friendly reminder #9247:
Anything cloud connected is something that will stop working in painful ways when they're in the wrong time or place.
You get out of range of the cell towers? It's a paperweight.
The company is now out of business? Same. twitter.com/kari_paul/status/1

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TL;DR the majority of #Software used in companies already is #OpenSource #FreeSoftware. And its use will rise significantly over the next two years! Source: "The State of Enterprise Open Source", A @RedHat@twitter.com Report - get it here: redhat.com/en/enterprise-open-

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Did you always want to host a #RIPEAtlas probe but couldn't? The probes are now also available as a software package, making it easier to host one! More information on #RIPELabs: labs.ripe.net/Members/alun_dav

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Důležitý příběh od @HarzerF@twitter.com, který ilustruje reálné dopady nenávistných slov o “LGBT ideologii” a “duhovém moru”. Toto je výsledek politických a církevních kampaní, které braly za cíl menšiny, sex. výchovu a výuku zaměřenou na prevenci projevů nenávisti.

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Kirk Douglas died at the age of 103. After being at deathlist.net/ for 18 years.

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Novela zákona o DPH přináší další absurdity.

Lyžařské vleky ("poma") zůstaly v sazbě DPH 15 %, lanové dráhy jsou přeřazeny do sazby DPH 10 %.

Jakou DPH mají mít skiareály, které mají jak "pomy", tak lanovky a prodávají jeden skipas? A co jezdící koberce pro nejmenší?

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How much space will free up in the European Union?.............. 1GB

From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2)

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

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