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Toto je smlouva mezi SFDI a Asseco na "eshop" za 401.000.000 Kč.
Zadání - chybí.
Nabídka - chybí.
Seznam subdodavatelů - chybí.
Struktura ceny a etapy plateb - začerněno. Je tam pouze suma.
Požadavek na utajení - stupeň DŮVĚRNÉ!
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Very interested in finding out what exactly causes this bug...
#programming #nerdy #WTF

Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways • The Register theregister.co.uk/2020/01/08/b

I just discovered nice gem for testing github.com/behave/behave (via DNF team, which use that for long time).

„I then realized that [Google] had never intended to incorporate human rights principles into its business and product decisions.“ medium.com/@rossformaine/i-was

behold the month of changelog entries with wrong year

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The @RIPE_Atlas@twitter.com project now provides software-based probes. That's cool!
🇨🇿 CZ currently tops the chart and runs 19 of all 63 installed SW probes. Even more cool!

The latest one is apparently located in the Libcice.net network. @tehcaster@twitter.com?


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All you Rustaceans interested in developing software for system package management, here's a slightly delayed Christmas gift: *official* Rust bindings to librpm, courtesy of @bascule@twitter.activitypub.actor!

Check it out! Contributions welcome!

Hmm, I need to teach my wife git. No command line at all. Just clicking. I just went through all open source git graphical clients and I find only one suitable: gitkraken. I thought that the situation is better.

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