Tom Cruise flights James Corden in Mustang and Albatros (Czech jet) youtu.be/v1iZtBM23bY

RSS fans!

You can follow any Mastodon account via RSS by just adding ".rss" to the end of the account's public profile URL.

To find a user's public profile URL, click on their profile image within Mastodon.

For example, if you click on FediTips' profile image you get this page in a new tab:


So, to follow FediTips through RSS, use this address:


This will only show that account's public posts. Other posts will not be visible on the RSS feed.

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Several weeks ago, there were flights to Sevastopol. They circled around Krasnodar and south of Kerch strait. But they existed. Nowadays, nothing goes closer than Sochi. Interesting.

Longing for the day when "crypto" means "cryptography" again.

For some, is a mix of configuration files and confusion. If that's you, go check out the latest article to get the high level How To on this critical component: t.co/U0UQIJIKiS

When you’re mainly on the fediverse, coming from years of Twitter, you may notice a subtle change in posting behaviour. You start to notice that inclusive posts gather more interest than provoking, negative posts. The reason is simple. On the fediverse you communicate with fellow users. On Twitter you try to please The Algorithm.

One of the biggest advantages of - EPEL is available from day zero. With thousands of packages available. Thanks to the existence of Centos Stream. twitter.com/det_conan_kudo/sta

HATS OFF to Red Hat Enterprise 9! The latest major release of is now available for download.


UA artillery started crowdfunding. For about 10 Eur, they write down your message and send it to Russia. t.me/leninfall/1430

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What I did to destroy Russian pantonne bridge over Siverskyi Donets - a thread 🧵

Here you go -> -> ->

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What makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 different and unique? Hear from Gunnar Hellekson, Vice President of Red Hat Enterprise Linux who explains the new features live from Red Hat Summit 2022 for theCUBE: t.co/2nnnKlIAQ6 t.co/cxkqizpSiL

Just over 8 hours since NVIDIA drivers were posted on GitHub and we already have over 100 Forks and 15 Pull Requests at the time of this post.

Look how much improvement #Nvidia was missing.

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So NVIDIA "released" their kernel driver as open source.

By which they mean, they moved most of it to firmware and made the open source driver call into it. There are almost 900 functions implemented in the 34MB firmware, give or take, from what I can see.

Broadcom vibes...

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Guess what! The Red Hat Enterprise #Linux 9 launch is right around the corner. Go check out our launch video for all you can expect with the lastest release of #RHEL: bit.ly/3N58Vfo

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