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Here is how BBC One announced the death of the Duke of Edinburgh

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"my laundry machine uses gigabytes of traffic every day" is another one of those fun things we can say now that we live in The Future™

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1/ Russia recently began throttling access to Twitter, their first acknowledged use of throttling for censorship.

My lab investigated, and what we found is an alarming consolidation of Russia's Internet controls.
#russia #throttling
Read our full report:throttletwitter.com

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We had a fantastic stream trying out upgrading to @Fedora Linux 34, and discovered that the server running the VMs we were doing the test upgrades on was seriously overtaxed. 😜

I hope we do something like this again soon! 😁 twitter.com/Det_Conan_Kudo/sta

Btw I think this is wrong. Even when this will mean more money for Red Hat.

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The next 6 to 9 months are going to be interesting. twitter.com/kennwhite/status/1

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As a 50 year old human doing software development for a living, I wonder about age's effects on what is sometimes seen as a young person's game. I feel like I've continued to get better at it over the years; good to see research supporting this:


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I don't give a care about Google winning but I sure as heck care about Oracle losing.

„BREAKING: Supreme Court rules for Google in copyright fight with Oracle

Supreme Court says Google's use of Oracle code was "fair use"

This is good news for #OpenSource and #FreeSoftware!

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Napíšu to takto, jsou to videa která se rojí jako včely u úlu a je jich čím dál víc. Tento vlak má směřovat s Krasnodaru směr ukrajinské hranice

The last contribution to #Signal's server software was on April 22, 2020. Due to the sudden commit drop to literally 0 it is no longer possible to seriously call current Signal versions fully open-source.

That has no effect on the messenger's end-to-end encryption or its overall security but it does compromise the trust in the Signal Foundation, especially when considering that they did not give any reason for not disclosing the source code.

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So, @fedora migrated to and community portal (accounts.fedoraproject.org) : next week we'll kick the @CentOSProject merge to have SSO for both projects ! t.co/4I13aPFujI

In the end, it was an April fool. Just done two days ahead :(

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Gently reminder for those looking for a new job - Red Hat here in Brno has lots of open positions. careers-redhat.icims.com/jobs/

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If you hadn't heard, just released version 3! There are a bunch of cool new features and we are gonna talk about them with one of the architects, Brent Baude! Join us Weds at 9am (edt, 13h utc) on t.co/8iU89AG3uC @openshift @rhdevelopers

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